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Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a preferred lender through BizWorth's PreQual Process. By participating in this process, your institution will gain exclusive access to our extensive network of over 1,500 business brokers and M&A advisors. This collaborative effort provides a unique opportunity for your institution to receive referrals for business loans, including SBA-backed 7a loans.

Your eligibility to receive referrals will be based on the geographic focus, industry specializations, and revenue size of the businesses your institution serves. The number of referrals you receive will be determined by BizWorth's Referral Algorithm, which takes into account several factors, including:

  • Responsiveness to Part A reports within 10 business days.

  • Total number of report orders placed with BizWorth over the last 12 months (business valuation, machinery & equipment appraisal, field audit, etc.).

  • Percentage of commissions paid to the designated broker upon the successful closing of a loan. (Please note: BizWorth does not accept commissions of any kind from lenders).

  • Broker satisfaction of lender performance based on scored criteria including but not limited to adherence to loan eligibility range, communication and follow-through on commissions paid to broker.

We appreciate your partnership in this process and look forward to a mutually beneficial collaboration.

What is the focus of your institution’s lending in the United States?

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What industries does your institution prefer to extend loans to?

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Please indicate the highest commission percentage paid to the designated broker upon the successful closing of a loan.

Please choose with care. It is expected that, upon the completion of a loan transaction, the Lender will transmit the specified commission to the assigned broker. Failing to remit commissions to the assigned broker may lead to the lending institution facing temporary suspension or removal from the program.

Note: If your institution is located in multiple regions with different addresses and/or representatives, please submit separate applications for each.

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Note: The Primary Lender Representative is the main contact for receiving all Part A applications. This role is also responsible for updating lender preferences and commissions in the lender's portal.

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