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What's so amazing about Bizworth?

If you’ve worked for a few companies by now, you know there’s a lot of “great” places to work. We’ve worked with many of them too. But, let’s be honest: if everyone claims to be great, then great really is just the new average.

Our goal is to build an amazing place to work. That means designing and building a company that goes beyond average. We want amazing.

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Work should be flexible, too.

We’d prefer to spend time with our kids, nieces, nephews and grandchildren while they still think we’re cool! That’s why all of our valuation professionals set their own work schedules and enjoy the flexibility that works for them.

No performance reviews

We have a high performance culture. We provide feedback and mentorship in real time. We don’t conduct performance reviews months later. Ever.

Benefits are a must.

We’re comparatively small, but we offer big benefits most of the leading Fortune 500 companies do.

Personal time off

Accrue personal time off throughout the year to take a sabbatical, enjoy a vacation or float between engagements

Enviable work culture

We are not your typical 8 to 5 company with average, good employees. We hire exceptionally bright individuals that are fun to be around and will challenge the status quo. We value great work – not long hours. We value opposing opinions – not unanimous consent. We value mentorship – not work silos. We value each individual – not just the team.

Growth opportunities

Everyone we hire on is considered an equal team member from day one. But if continued advancement drives you, we offer opportunities, training and support to start new lines of business or new offices in new regions and markets. If you dream big, we’ll dream big with you.

Career development

We value your experience, but we’re still going to challenge you to be the very best valuation professional you can be. We offer world-class training, coaching and support on every aspect of valuation. We don’t want you to be great, we want you to be amazing

Who We Hire

We’re very proud of the team we continue to build at BizWorth. Our valuation professionals hold undergraduate degrees from well-known, accredited universities and many of our professionals also have master’s degrees in finance or accounting or hold an MBA. All BizWorth valuation professionals are certified by a professional organization such as the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA).

How to Join Our Team

Our goal is to continue building an amazing place to work with an enviable environment for exceptional talent. That means designing and building a company that goes beyond average. We want amazing. We look for inquisitive and bright professionals who want to build a career focused on delivering reliable work with remarkable service. We look for professionals who are excited about finance and valuation. While we’re not always hiring, we are interested in hearing from you if you’d like to join our team. Please do apply directly to a specific opportunity or upload your resume to our general “Sr. Associate, Business Valuation” posting so we don’t miss the chance to consider you for our next opportunity.