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Certified Quality of Earnings Report

About this report:

Quality of Earnings reports give buyers, investors, lenders and brokers something to rely on beyond self-reported financials. BizWorth's Certified Quality of Earnings report, prepared by our in-house team of NACVA-certified Master Analysts in Financial Forensics (MAFF), offers a meticulous analysis of a company's historical performance. This report is crucial for stakeholders involved in acquisitions, providing a reliable assessment beyond self-reported financials. It covers key aspects such as historical revenues, expenses, sales trends, customer concentrations, and expense add-backs. Our goal is to validate past performance, offering professionals a comprehensive view during the due diligence phase. The report is typically ready in 6 weeks, with rush orders available for expedited assessments. In the complex landscape of business transactions, BizWorth's Certified Quality of Earnings report serves as a dependable tool for informed decision-making.

Benefits of BizWorth's QoEs include:
1) Receive an Executive Summary and Detailed Report prepared by a Certified Master of Financial Forensics
2) Includes (2) two years of cash proofing
3) Guaranteed delivery with the ability to expedite
4) Includes Excel workbook of analysis and workpapers
5) Includes 1-hour complimentary review via Zoom

6-Week turnaround (rush orders available).

* Typical pricing for businesses with less than $5M in revenue. To get an instant quote that's customized for your business, click the "Get Started" button.

Executive summary
Cash proofing
Business nature & history summary
A/R aging analysis
Financial statement analysis
Financial vs. tax return analysis
Financial adjustments review
EBITDA analysis & forecast
Sales analysis
Fraud detection
Vendor analysis
Prepared by MAFF/CVA
Labor & salary analysis
Report review by MAFF/CVA
More about this report
Key features:
  • Financial Transcription: BizWorth requires all financials to be provided in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format before starting the valuation. If you do not have financials in the required format, select this option to BizWorth to convert your annual financial statements (up to the last 5 years) into Microsoft Excel (.xls) format for you.
  • Expedited Delivery: Need your report faster than standard turnaround time? We offer a 4 and 5 week guaranteed delivery.
  • Additional Cash Proofing: For Quality of Earnings analysis, BizWorth conducts cash proofing for only one account. If additional accounts are required, you have the option to select additional accounts.

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