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Loan Payment Affordability
PreQualified Loan Eligibility Range
Capitalization of Cash Flow Method
Confidential Information Memorandum
Standard Valuation Report
Saves time
Single data collection form
Quick Pitch Report
Essentials Valuation Report
Reconciliation of Values
Depreciation Analysis
Data Collection & Analysis
Physical Inspection Notes
Certification and Signature
Statement of Value
Analysis and Conclusion
Photos and Documentation
Limiting Conditions
Appraiser Qualifications
Valuation Approach
Comparable Market Data
Data Sources and Assumptions
Subject Property Description
Scope of Work
Glossary of Terms
Detailed Findings
Audit Methodology
Audit Scope & Objectives
Capitalization of earnings method
Asset & market approaches
Financial analysis
Market approach
Report review by MAFF/CVA
Labor & salary analysis
Prepared by MAFF/CVA
Fraud detection
Sales analysis
EBITDA analysis & forecast
Financial adjustments review
Financial vs. tax return analysis
Report review with certified appraiser
Asset Approach
Valuation Overview
Discount Rate Calculation & Explanation
Economy & Industry Overview
Adherence to USPAP Standards
Adherence to NACVA Standards
List of Comparable Transactions
Sales, SDE, & EBITDA Multiples
Income Approach
Full service support
A/R aging analysis
Cash proofing
Vendor analysis
Financial statement analysis
Executive summary
Legal compliance
Operations overview
Marketing & sales methods
Industry overview
Fixed & intangible assets
Products & services
Company history & ownership
Growth opportunities
Company highlights
Executive & business summary
Economy & industry analysis
Business nature & history summary
Owner's interview
Detailed explanation of methods
Prepared by certified appraiser
Certified report (NACVA standards)
State tax verification
Owner's compensation analysis
Peer comparable analysis
Industry benchmarking
Multi-stage growth method
EBITA multiples
SIC / NAICS code validation
Asset-based valuation
Market-based valuation
Sales & SDE multiples
Adjusted financials
Valuation summary

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